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Agbo for infection

Staphylococcus is a group of bacteria and there are more than 30 different types, per the U. National Library of Medicine. There are different types of staph infections, Dr. Fey says, and they show up in different ways. In addition to minor local infections, staph can also cause a serious immune system reaction to an infection known as sepsissays Gary Goldenberg, MDassistant clinical professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. Not sure what to watch for?

Here are the telltale signs of a staph infection you should know how to recognize. Pus-filled or inflamed skin blemishes are by far the most common type of staph infection, Dr. Fey says. If you scratch your bug bite or some other place where your skin is broken, the staph bacteria on your finger can infect that wound and cause a big, red, painful, pus-filled blemish to form.

You could also develop a rash-like cluster of raised blisters called impetigo, he says. Staph is actually the most common cause of cellulitisa common and potentially serious bacterial skin infection, Dr. Goldenberg says.

Natural Home Remedies For Infertility In Women

Staph usually enters the skin through a cut or eczema patch and causes a local infection, leading to skin inflammation, Dr. Goldenberg explains. This can present as a warm, red, swollen area of skin that is tender or painful to the touch, most commonly on the lower legs, face, or arms. While it may seem like no big deal, any skin condition that feels unusually painful or irritated should be evaluated by your doctor ASAP, as cellulitis can progress rapidly.

When a food is exposed to staph, the bacteria multiply and produce toxins. The best ways to avoid staph-related food poisoning is to make sure your food is handled at the right temperature, the CDC says. This can cause a blood infection known as bacteremia, which can initially lead to a fever and low blood pressure. Once in your blood, this kind of staph infection can spread to your heart, bones, and other organs—and result in a number of serious or even deadly infections. Those include pneumoniaand also a type of bone infection called osteomyelitis, which could lead to swelling or warmth in the infected area, according to resources from the Mayo Clinic.

Bacteremia could also lead to an infection of the lining of your heart known as endocarditis.

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Symptoms—like fever, chills, night sweatsjoint painpale skin, and weakness—can develop very slowly, suddenly, or even come and go, per the U. When the toxins staph produces accumulate, they can cause a particular type of blood poisoning known as toxic shock syndrome TSS.

This could lead to a sudden fever, vomiting or diarrhea, muscles achesheadaches, and a rash resembling sunburn on your palms and the soles of your feet, research shows. TSS is rare, though.How to make local herbs 'agbo' for Malaria and Typhoid treatment.

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Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Balance diets are foods that contains all proportion classes of foods, such as carbohydrates, protein, fat and oil, minerals, vitamins and A study by the University of California in Berkeley, United States has revealed that squeezing of female breasts may be all that it takes t What is it?

Female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid in a noticeable amount from the urethra of women during orgasm. It is estimated t Sleeping without cloths on might be beneficial and have its own great health advantage but most of people don't incorporate the ideas o The skin on the feet is prone to severe dryness than any other parts of the body since there are no oil glands present there.

agbo for infection

Hence, there The pain is often worse when lying down or bendin Miscarriage is defined as the spontaneous loss of a pregnancy in the first 20 weeks, is the most Rabbits, hares, and roden Honey and milk are two ingredients known to history as those with "magical powers". When you mix honey with milk, you mix the c Search This Blog.

Designed with by Way2themes Distributed by Blogger Themes. Powered by Blogger.During Monsoon. How often have you heard your mother shout at you to close the door, to not let the mosquitoes in? Why are mosquitoes so dangerous? Do they pose an imminent threat? The risk of malaria increases exponentially during the monsoon, due to obvious reasons like stagnant water, increased breeding. Malaria is mostly observed in the tropical regions of the world, where they are closer to the equator and very hot!

Like Southeast Asia, Africa, and such other continents. Malaria is mosquito-borne disease; this insect acts a vector of the illness. Vector in more straightforward terms means that the insect transfers the disease. The females are the ones that transfer malaria amongst humans.


It spreads when the mosquito pierces your skin and infuses the pathogens into the bloodstream causing dengue fever. Malaria was primarily discovered in as a disease caused by these pathogens. There has been a rise of malaria in the sub-tropical economically developing countries.

Malaria claims about deaths a year. Doctors have predominantly used a lot of medicines for the treatment of malaria, finally settled on using quinine derivatives, that is acquired from the bark of Cinchona pubescens; A tree native to the south and central America.

They have also used Artemisinin-based drugs. When a pregnant woman contracts this infection, the fetus developing has an increased chance of having reduced the weight, thereby reducing its chances of survival. In the recent age, there has been an uprising in the scientific community to find a treatment of malaria by using traditional and panacea methods because the sight of a little young boy suffering from these symptoms would shake all of us to the core. Holy basil, colloquially referred to as Tulsi 2 is a common plant that we all grown in our home gardens.

It is a plant that bears a lot of medicinal properties, one of which is to help treat malaria. It is recommended to have this juice three times a day before eating, especially during the initial stages of the disease.

agbo for infection

It is pretty self-explanatory about the health benefits that it bears. Additionally, it also provides quick relief from the other symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, fever.

Alum — Hydrated Sulfate salt of Aluminum Alum is a chemical compound that is the hydrated double salt of the element aluminum, it can be very easily procured from any store. It is recommended that you do this before and after every malarial attack as this home remedy can provide instant results. This fruit is the part of the citrus family, consists of a lot of Vitamin C.

That is beneficial to the patient as they can easily digest it! Also provides all the minerals and vitamins to keep the body healthy, thereby treating malaria effectively. This aromatic condiment and flavoring additive are used in a wide variety of cuisines, snacks, sweets.

Natural Remedies For Malaria In Nigeria | How To Make Agbo Iba

This condiment also bears a lot of health benefits as well as it is loaded with antioxidants which makes it right choice to treat malaria. Add cinnamon and black pepper powders to boiling water, once the water is colored, strain it and pour it into a glass.

Cinnamon 3 is a known beneficiary to combat malaria symptoms as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidants. This is an effective method for treatment of malaria.

Fever Nut — Caesalpinia bonduc The yellow knicker, as it is called commonly is found a lot in India ranging from the coastal areas to the Himalayan ranges. These should be directly swallowed with ample amounts of water, two hours before the expected onset of the fever and one hour after it.

agbo for infection

It will prevent the sudden outburst of fever one would experience during malaria. It has antimalarial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a kind of vinegar made from fermented apple juice, mostly used in salads, marinating and cooking procedures.

In recent ages, it has been used widely to treat an array of diseases and conditions.Of all the infections that people often suffer from, bacterial infections are considered as one of the most common ones. Actually, this infection can be treated with antibiotics and you can go to a doctor for the treatment but it seems to be time-and-money-consuming.

Instead, you can rely on natural home remedies for bacterial infections that VKool. Luckily, there are many powerful natural home remedies to treat bacterial infection inside your body so that you will have more choices for the treatment varied from mild to moderate cases.

As you know, Aloe Vera is always one of the powerful natural home remedies for health issues, including bacterial infections. According to a study published inscientists have shown that Aloe Vera could be an alternative for antibiotics to treat bacterial infections.

The Aloe Vera gel, boiled skin, and gel along with distilled extract were purified and their amazing effects against common bacteria such as S.

In another study, the plant was tested against gram-positive as well as gram-negative skin infection isolates.

Also, the study findings revealed that the antibacterial effect of the extract from Aloe Vera was much more powerful than that of its leaf.

In fact, people can apply the gel of this plant directly onto the infectious area to get rid of bacterial. As the natural home remedies for bacterial, Aloe Vera helps to heal the open wound and reduce inflammation.

Alternatively, you can drink half a cup of its juice to treat bacterial skin and stomach infections fast and naturally. No need to spend much time on complex process, do you still have an effective treatment from nature. This is the first choice for the issue. You are supposed to keep reading to find out more choices for your own. Get more: How to treat bacterial vaginosis.

Herbal combo beats malaria, typhoid

It is undeniable that the medicinal importance of honey is so amazing. It is used to treat a lot of health problems in a natural way. Thanks to the great antibacterial property, honey brings us a miraculous treatment for bacterial infections on skin, stomach, and even vaginal. Therefore, it would be a mistake if in this article, we did not mention honey as another of effective home remedies for bacterial infections. The potential antibacterial agent in honey can help to fight against different types of bacteria causing infections in human bodies.

This benefit is proved in a study published inin the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine [3]. Moreover, the mild antiseptic agent can work well to deal with infections related to the skin as well as respiratory. The way to use this kind of home remedies for bacterial infections is also simple so that you can make use of cheap ingredients and save time and effort while treating it.

Another way to make use of this remedy is to apply raw honey to the infected skin or the open wound in order to accelerate the healing process as well as prevent the entrant of other harmful bacteria. Like other natural home remedies for bacterial infections on skin, stomach, and vagina, turmeric also possesses an antibacterial benefit, which largely results from curcumin.

Furthermore, curcumin provides the anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties to help combat bacteria. In particular, turmeric is especially recommended treating Staph infection [4].

Talking about how to use this ingredient to treat a bacterial infection, we would like to suggest you some simple methods. Firstly, you can form a thick paste from turmeric powder and water, following by applying on the affected skin areas. Secondly, you are supposed to consume turmeric water by diluting one or two teaspoons of the powder in a glass of fresh water and having it. The special drink will help you to soothe and deal with respiratory infections.

If pleased, you can replace water with milk. The antibacterial effect will stay the same.Nnaemeka, married with four children, said the last time he had to treat malaria with conventional drugs was twelve years ago.

I stopped my herbal concoction so that it would not affect the results of my premarital medical tests. But it was at a great cost. I was hit by serious fever. Laboratory examination showed that I had malaria and typhoid.

I stayed three days at the hospital. By the time I finished the drugs and injections I was given, I was still not feeling well. I asked her to buy enough quantity of garlic and ginger, which are the main constituents of the concoction. How is it prepared? Pour in clean water to cover the herbal combination.

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Put on fire and boil. When it gets to boiling point allow it for another ten minutes. Do not cook because it will destroy the active ingredients. Take about 15 centilitres CL that is half bottle of coke four times daily for five days. Is there scientific evidence to support these claims? Garlic and malaria Several studies have shown that malaria infection is initiated when Plasmodium sporozoites malaria parasite are injected into the skin of a vertebrate host by an infected female anopheles mosquito.

The sporozoites enter the bloodstream and travel to the liver, where they invade hepatocytes, differentiate, and divide asexually to produce exoerythrocytic forms. Upon maturation, exoerythrocytic forms rupture and release merozoites that invade erythrocytes and initiate the blood stage of infection, which is responsible for the symptoms of the disease. The anti-infective properties of garlic have long been known to Chinese and Indian civilizations and were first described in Europe by Louis Pasteur.

Garlic has an unusually high concentration of sulphur-containing compounds, and its antibacterial properties are largely due to one particular class of sulphur-containing compounds, the thiosulphinates. Allicin is the most abundant thiosulphinate found in garlic and is generated when the enzyme alliinase reacts with its substrate alliin. Enzyme and substrate are located in different compartments of the clove, so that allicin is generated only when the clove is crushed.

In fact, one study found that ajoene has an inhibitory effect on the erythrocytic stages of Plasmodium falciparium malaria parasite. The study published in the journal Antimicrobial Agents Chemotherapy found that when malaria parasites sporozoites were treated with allicin the basic constituent of garlic before injection into mice, malaria infection was completely prevented. Together, these experiments demonstrate that the same cysteine protease inhibitor can target two different life cycle stages in the vertebrate host.

These experiments demonstrate the feasibility of using the same cysteine protease inhibitor to target two different life cycle stages in the vertebrate host and support the idea that cysteine protease inhibitors may be useful drugs for the prophylaxis and treatment of malaria. Garlic and typhoid fever Researchers from the Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, have investigated the effect of consumption of garlic Allium sativum in treating Salmonella typhi causative agent for typhoid fever infection and on the gastrointestinal flora and hematological parameters of rats.

This inhibition was superior to that of all the conventional antibiotics used except streptomycin, which gave a growth inhibitory value of In the in vivo assay, although, pretreatment with the extract did not protect rats orogastrically dosed with the infective dose of S. The observed increases in the neutrophils and monocytes counts of the blood suggested that garlic might possess immune-stimulatory effect in addition to its antibacterial effect.

A Chinese study published in PubMed and Zhongguo Zhen Jiu found that when forty-two cases of malaria were treated with ginger-partitioned moxibustion in the Republic of Congo; thirty-one cases were cured, eight cases improved and three cases failed.

The effective rate was Proper double blind clinical trials with standardized extract containing gingerols and other active ingredients present in extract need to be undertaken to confirm its efficacy in various conditions.

Amadi of the Department of Applied Microbiology, Faculty of Applied and Natural Sciences, Ebonyi State University, reported that raw ethanolic extracts of Allium sativum and Zingiber officinale have inhibitory activity against the Salmonella typhi.The good news is that you can get pregnant naturally without invitro fertilization and other Assisted Conception treatments by using natural and herbal remedies.

Just like Every other Diseases, Infertility in Women indicates a reproductive system problem that needs to be corrected. The body can often resolve the problem itself if given the necessary natural resources. A woman is said to be infertile if for one reason or the other she is unable to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse. Getting pregnant is a process with the following steps. Furthermore, Infertility may be classified as Primary Infertility or Secondary Infertility Depending on previous pregnancy history.

Various factors are responsible for infertility in women. Here are some of them. Kinds of ovulatory disorder are Anovulation no ovulation and Oligovulation irregular ovulation. Without ovulation, there are no egg to be fertilized. Ovulatory Disorder is often characterized by absent or irregular menstrual period. When this occurs, sperms are often prevented from reaching the egg or the fertilized egg is prevented from reaching the uterus.

This can also cause infertility in women by preventing the sperm from passing through the cervical canal towards the fallopian tube.

This is at times a painful condition in which the tissues that normally grows in the uterus starts growing in other locations outside the uterus. This tissue growth itself or the surgical removal can lead to scarring and adhesions which may cause blockage of the fallopian tube.

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A woman with endometriosis MAY have painful periodspain during or after sexual intercourse, pain with bowel movement. These are often due to abnormal anatomy of the uterus abnormal shape and Presence of polyps and Fibroids. However, many women with polyps and fibroids get pregnant but may not stay pregnant due to the high likelihood of miscarriage.

This is when the cause of the infertility cannot be determined using the currently available method of investigation.

This problem may correct itself with time. However, there may be symptoms which often depends on the underlying cause of the infertility. Here are some symptoms that may indicate infertility problem in women. Before natural or herbal home remedies are administered for female infertility, there is need for diagnostic tests so that the root cause of the infertility can be known and addressed Testing for infertility in women usually begins with a health care provider doing a physical examination and asking about your medical history.

Fertility tests may include. Also known as chasteberry or chaste tree. Its a very important herb that is used in infertility treatments in women.

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Vitex works to maintain the hormonal balance by lowering prolactin and raising progesterone, promote ovulation and improves timing of the menstrual cycles. Nourishes the pituitary gland and helps lengthen the luteal phase. For some women, Vitex alone will increase fertility and the likelihood of pregnancy.

Natural Treatments for Urinary Tract Infections

Aerial parts and fruits have the potentials of normalizing ovulation in infertile women when used prior to ovulation. Tribulus has also been found to be a nourishing tonic for the female reproductive system as a whole, especially as regards the ovaries health. The root of Maca is a nourishing food for the endocrine system it aids the pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands all involved in hormonal balance. This is one of the best normalizing herbs for the female reproductive organs.

Raspberry leaf is astringent, contracting and shrinking internal and external body tissues. May help prevent hemorrhage excessive bleeding. Helps to reduce bleeding of endometrial tissues.Post a Comment. Grab this Widget. Or you still wonder At Spycroc University; we believe information is power, in as much as you're still living, learning is inevitable.

Read More. Spycroc University. Spycroc PM ,infections ,natural remedies. It is even evident according to reports that malaria is one of the leading causes of deaths annually in Nigeria especially among children. The high rates occur due to lack of proper diagnosis and treatment. This post has come to the rescue of those who are eager to know the most effective Natural Remedies for Malaria in Nigeria also known as Agbo Iba. You can achieve this by making your environment unfriendly for mosquitoes.

Ensure bushes around your house are cleared. Avoid empty containers of water around you. Ensure your environment is tidy. Ensure you use mosquito repellent or treated mosquito nets in the presence of mosquito.

Make a decoction by boiling in clean water for at least 10 minutes. Drink between ml 3 times daily. Boil the leaves in water for 10 - 15 minutes with high quantity of clean water. Part of the decoction should be kept separate for oral administration. The remaining parts should be kept in a bowl while still hot and the patient should face the bowl in a sitting position.